All Things Are Possible. Or Are They?

For those who dare to dream, all things are possible, right?

Well, not always.

Dreams abound, especially this time of year, but let’s face it, most don’t materialize. While a few dreams take flight, others fueled by the same optimism and hope, crash and burn. What’s missing? Is it talent? Opportunity? Clarity of Intention? Commitment? Luck?

Or is another, more magical element at play?

Through the decades, I’ve observed that the biggest difference between manifestation and frustration isn’t the nature of the dream, or even the resources of the dreamer. It’s simpler than that, and yet more complex. The biggest difference between manifestation and frustration is our relationship to life itself. How we see it. How we approach it. Our Life Orientation, if you will. Our primary point-of-view (POV).

The Brain v the Mind

Unless you’re new to metaphysical thought, the fact that our brains and our minds are different species is nothing new. Brains are organic computers capable of complex calculations and decisions. It sorts things out based on the available mental/emotional and physical resources it perceives. Its belief systems are its software programs. Its content a local hovering cloud of information, perceptions, desires, and stored responses. However amazing and masterful, in the end the brain is a physical organ. In other words, like everything on this plane, it’s finite.

The Mind, on the other hand, is not.

The Mind is a quantum field of infinite potential. Accessing this potential, we access all the possibility and probability we can conjure. In order to access the infinite potential of the Mind, the finite brain must expand its boundaries, escape to the edge of its outer limits, and leap. It isn’t easy, or even obvious. If we think of the brain as a finite particle and the Mind as an infinite wave, we see the dilemma. A particle is fixed and determinate; a wave pure potential. In order to realize our dreams, the brain is most useful as a portal to the Mind. Once there, it’s our job to ride the wave of possibility without looking back. To acquire the properties of the wave. To become it.

First, let’s identify your POV.

Are You a Particle?

If you approach life as a particle, you approach it with fixed ideas brought forward from experience, your own or others’. You have a particle POV if your ideas, habits, decisions and lifestyle are limited to a narrow band of rigid choices rooted in the past. Ask yourself, “Am I shackled to decisions I inherited or made myself years or even decades ago?” Decisions that began with, “I said I would do it, so I’m doing it.”  or “This is the way (name the person) did it, so this is the way it has to be done.” A rigid orientation limits potential by confining itself to a closed system of possibility. All things are not possible when all things are not open and available.

Or Are You a Wave?

Waves, on the other hand, are opportunists in the best sense. Waves are perpetual motion, continuously seeking and reevaluating direction and position. Waves flow freely, accessing information from the past, present and even the future as it pertains to the realization of the dream. The ideas, habits, decisions, and lifestyle of a person with a wave POV are flexible, relaxed, and poised for advantage. Waves are archetypal Seekers—individuals in search of truth who are willing and able to follow a course to fulfillment, however deep or fast the river rolls.

First Step: Awareness

Points-of-view are not set in stone unless they remain unexamined. Like any goal, our POV’s should be reviewed regularly. Are my thoughts, dreams, and the process to obtain them still relevant? Workable? Or have I run aground? As eternal beings, we are only stuck  when we refuse to move. Sounds easy, but fundamental decisions are surprisingly uncomfortable, even unnerving. Otherwise we would all be waves all the time. Willingness to shift from a particle POV to a wave POV, means the difference between a small life and a large life. Between the lives we’ve been handed, and the lives we dare to imagine.

Where to Begin

Freeing the mind requires meditation. Similar practices like contemplative prayer also help. Either way, there’s no avoiding the ‘inner room’. Meditation is the key that unlocks the cage that frees the Mind. Quieting the brain and eliminating its infernal chatter, we become aware of our limitations. We release them, unlocking a quantum field of resources. In time, we are able to experience the particle/wave duality of the quantum world, accessing the pure potential of a powerful new life whenever we choose.

Becoming a wave is not a one-time proposition. On the physical plane, we are always prone to relapse into particle thinking. Following is a meditation I use whenever I’m stuck.

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place, eyes closed.
  2. Invite the Sacred Presence.
  3. Allow color to appear spontaneously and expand.
  4. Imagine a cluster of unmovable black dots in its midst.
  5. Keeping the field of color in your mind’s eye, observe the tension in your body.
  6. Release the tension slowly from head to toe.
  7. Out of the cluster of dots, allow a slow stream of blue/green to emerge, and move it in a wave across the field. The wave is you.
  8. Release the cluster of black dots one by one, each representing an attachment to an idea, desire, process, or outcome.
  9. Repeat the mantra: “I am a wave; I am free.”
  10. Continue for 5 minutes, increasing by 5 minutes a day until you reach 20.

As you become more proficient, your dreams will gain clarity and dimension. The awareness of your true nature will deepen. The scope of your faith will expand. And then, if your specific dreams don’t materialize, it will no doubt be because something better has emerged out of the infinite. Something undeniably right. Something you could never have imagined before.

© 2017 rea nolan martin

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