Why Our Enemies are Our Greatest Teachers

Whichever way you tipped the ballot box, Donald Trump is an Opponent in the most unadulterated, archetypal, upper case, symbolic sense of the word. His story is mythological, a classic Shakespearean drama. If you abhor his policies, his is your Opponent. If you support his policies, but not his impulsive delivery or penchant for attack, he is your Opponent. If we pay attention, we have much to learn from him.

The Delicate Balance in Visionary Fiction

Visionary fiction is a delicate matter requiring a mastery of creative and technical balance. Unlike Fantasy, which generally takes place entirely in realms of the authors invention, Visionary Fiction is best told in the firmament of human physical and emotional experience. For me, at least, the goal is not to write exclusively for mystics, but …

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