How to feed the body, mind, and spirit: 3 tips

  • Feed the spirit.
    Faith is not a product of the mind, but of the spirit. In fact, the mind interferes in the process of faith more than it contributes to it. In order for the spirit to triumph over the mind, it must be involved in some regular form of spiritual practice or ritual.  Prayer, meditation, lectio divino, and charitable works are practices that feed my spirit.  A healthy spirit contributes to a healthy minds and a healthy body.  Frequent spiritual practice develops conscious thought which contributes to a mindful universe.  A mindful universe is filled with faith, joy, and abundance.  Feed the spirit.Good sites for inspiration:
  • Feed the mind.
    Great music, great books, great conversation, and great pets… all balance the mind. A balanced mind is one which is neither over- nor under-stimulated.  A balanced mind can partner with a healthy, vibrant spirit to improve personal, communal, and global life. To keep my mind nimble, I write, study and teach. Great minds are not arthritic, not fixed on a single idea or topic, and not emotionally tyrannical. Great minds are flexible, interested in others, compassionate and connected to the heart. To stay relevant: feed the mind.Great ways to learn:  and
  •  Feed the body.
    The body is truly a temple.  A limited body limits the influence of a healthy mind and spirit. It’s important to pay attention to our bodies. To counteract the effects of toxins, I am vigilant about daily exercise, infrared sauna, and good nutrition.

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