Our Daily Bread–what is it made of?

Last week I woke up worrying about some potential health issues that were suggested months ago in a routine blood test.  At worst the possibilities (still undiagnosed) included a hereditary disorder that was manageable (unless the disease process had gone too far.)  At best the situation was a major irritant in that every doctor’s visit for the last six months seemed to have generated at least two more.  When would it end?!  I was firmly engaged in a destructive loop of worry, frustration, and fear.  Until all at once, I snapped out of it.

I’m not sure what intervened (my right mind!), but all of a sudden I realized that in spite of all these tests and threatening diagnoses, I had actually been feeling (and still did feel) physically terrific! I’d barely missed any of my daily 3 mile walks, my calisthenics, and any other physical task in my routine.  And what I had missed, I’d missed because of doctors’ visits or other conflicts.  So if I was feeling so good—and I was!—then why was I allowing the future possibility of disease to rob me of my present health?

No good reason at all.

In that moment I realized (anew) that my actual future would indeed be created at least in part by my present mind-set.  I understood in a deeper way that I had a real choice.  I could either weave my day (and my future) with the destructive ether of these negative thoughts.  Or I could weave my day (and my future) with the vibrant ether of my present reality, which was, minus the destructive thinking, pretty darn good.

Obviously I did not invent this notion or its mystical particulars, which are well documented.  There are many ancient and modern mystics who tell us that “Our Daily Bread” is a constant supply of radiant etheric Light.  And that what we do with that Light—that Grace—is entirely up to us.  (After all, the journey is all about awareness.)  We can either waste that Grace on fear or use it to build health, strength and joy.  Of course, this kind of talk amounts to annoying chatter unless and until we have the opportunity and the ability to implement it ourselves.  The ability to implement this choice depends on the force of our mental and spiritual awareness and its ability to penetrate the stubborn groove of (even our subconscious) negative thinking.  Taking advantage of every lumen of available Light or Grace is important, not only in tough times when we’re already cornered, but especially in the preceding doubtful times, when we have a real opportunity to turn things around.

Those who have experienced great suffering (and I am one of them) can tell you the seismic power of the moments of Grace that lie in between.  And still we can forget to act on them! Every moment without suffering is a moment of such Light that, if used well, can deeply affect the outcome.  Which is what I intend to do.  Wishing light and Grace to you all!

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